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History of  The West Mercantile Building


Our building of 105 Vine Street Macon , Missouri started it's life being built by two German descent brothers named Sauvinet.

The building was built in 1885 best we can see according to the abstract. First being Sauvinet Dry Goods.

Sometime in the late 1800's early 1900's the building became Sharp's Mercantile also a dry goods & carpet store.

In the 1926 era , J.C. Penny's moved in perhaps being the 2nd store in the early chain following Moberly, Missouri's lead. It remained this store until the mid-1940's.

Following J.C. Penny tenure the building became The June Powell Shop , a fine ladies dress and accessories store.

In the very late 1940's early 50's Red Smith started his business of Smith Shoes. This is the first recollection of mine of this store , as everyone bought their shoes there. The store had shelves down both sides and box after box of shoes in the middle off of the floor.

As Smith's shoes wound down the store was purchased by Don Dudgeon and named changed to Macon Footwear. Dudgeon had shoe stores elsewhere in the Macon area as well Kirksville , Missouri.

Don Dudgeon shoe store was followed by Vansickle Shoes until the late 1990's or early 2000's.

Charles Gravitt and wife then came along and started Gravitt's Swap Shop & Stop.

We purchased the building at the front steps of the courthouse in Macon and then finalized the purchase with the owners a month later. Thus the beginning of West Mercantile and a full 4 year restoration on the lower level. We'll add photos to this page as we can.

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